Arthur C.

I am a satisfied customer writing this letter to discuss my experience with your organization. The attitude that I received from several other suppliers of air conditioning products lacked your concern for my needs. Those other heating and air conditioning sales outlets also lacked your friendly and prompt response.”

“Installation of central air conditioning in my home was delayed by more than a year due to the variety of air conditioning companies quoting complications, or asking exorbitant prices. I wanted the a/c unit in the attic of my garage with the conditioned air to spill into the house via the adjoining walls. The attached walls supported cathedral ceilings and I believed there would be ample room for the supply and return air. I could not accept that this was a very expensive and complicated job.”

“I visited your place of business and was pleasantly greeted by your front office staff. They invited me to speak to Dave, a B & G installer. Dave patiently allowed me to explain my air conditioning needs. My primary concern was to eliminate high humidity in the home. (The high humidity of summer and of living on the Lake is very hazardous to hardwood floors). I was happy to see that he understood my home design and the air conditioning installation application. You drove a considerable distance from Hamilton for our evening appointment. You studied the application and agreed that you could provide the correct air conditioning equipment at a reasonable price. The complete installation was neat and on time. You provided three knowledgeable installers that continued until the installation was complete. I was very pleased with the operation of my new air conditioning system. Within 72 hours the unit developed a minor water leak at the discharge, and you came and fixed it at 10 o’clock at night. I am impressed with your efficient service.”

“You have proven to be an honest and reliable company with fair and reasonable prices. I highly recommend your company and the AC Tune-up in Hamilton, ON.

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