10 Most Common Central Heating Problems

Common problems happen in your heating system every year and it’s very important to get the service done. Leakage, Boiler Pressure, frozen condensate pipe…etc. Continue reading for tips on how to repair and prevent Heating issues.

The ten most common heating issues are listed below:


A hole formed in your system’s vessels could be created by corrosion or an installation error. Serious issues might need expert advice. However, AC maintenance Grimsby have got it all covered, and we are just a call away.

Low Boiler Pressure

A system leak can cause low boiler pressure, bled radiators, or other things like that. Pressure must be around 1.5 bar, but if it is less than one, the boiler may malfunction. If you see such a fault, immediately contact the Gas Safe registered engineer. The heating and cooling services by Hamilton will help you get through it.

No Heating

There might be a fault in motorized valves, system diaphragms, or airlocks. The best way to identify such a fault is by checking the pressure in the pressure gauge. If the pressure is low, then repressurizing is advised.

Frozen Condensate Pipe

The system’s condensate pipe is responsible for trailing the condensate into the outside drain, but in cold weather, it may freeze. 

Radiator Faults

A random build-up of air or sludge inside if radiators may cause non-uniform distribution of heat. The solution to this problem is bleeding the radiator. 

Boiler Not Responding to the Thermostat.

It is possible that the boiler is not responding to the thermostat. This may happen if the thermostat is broken or old. Check before replacing or ask the manufacturer for further help.

Gurgling, Rattling, or Sounding Sonances Originating From Your Evaporator.

If your boiler makes random noises, then it’s recommended to contact the manufacturer. This fault might occur due to a faulty pump, low water pressure, or kittling.

The Pilot Light Keeps Switching Off.

If a faulty thermocouple is cutting off the gas supply, this might lead to the pilot light going off. It’s good to contact a registered gas engineer to get this issue fixed.

A dirty or Clogged Filter

Clogged filters disrupt the heat flow and contaminate the air inside the room. Try replacing the air filter, or if it doesn’t work, then reach out for help. Contact the Hamilton replacement department for the right advice. 

Lack of Maintenance

If these heating appliances are not periodically maintained, they might cause odd problems such as poor comfort levels and higher energy bills. The Hamilton maintenance department has got the best technicians for you to don’t have to worry about any mishaps.