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Heat pumps are highly efficient home appliances that provide low-cost heating and cooling when installed and maintained correctly. There are several types of heat pumps available in the market. At B & G Heating Air Conditioning & Ventilation, we provide heat pump repair in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and we also do service of all types of heat pumps and ensure that they are maintained in tiptop condition, and continue supplying sufficient low-cost heating and cooling for many years. Regular heat pump tune-ups and necessary heating replacement Hamilton are the safer and efficient ways to upkeep your system’s health.

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Services We Provide

Heat Pump Repair 

Our specialist can find the faults in your heat pump and repair all of them to bring the system into its normal state again. With over two decades of experience in heat pump repair Hamilton, we can cater to our services for your needs. All our HVAC technicians are NATE certified and are fully equipped to diagnose and resolve all the problems with your heat pump promptly. If you require an out-of-hours call, our technicians are on hand to help.

Heat Pump Servicing

With the experience in the field of furnace repair Hamilton and heating servicing, our technicians can prevent any future problem with your heat pump by completing annual services that are required to comply with your manufacturer's warranty. All our technicians are trained and insured to service your heat pump fully.

Heat Pump Optimization 

To help your system to run efficiently, you need to optimize the device occasionally. We advise you to optimize your system even when the device is not asking for any repair or replacement. Our technicians thoroughly inspect your system and let you know all the possible options to help your system moving forward.

Why Us?

For the last many years, the homeowners trust us for our heat pump repair Hamilton and furnace service in Hamilton. With quality services and extensive knowledge of the field, we are the most reviewed HVAC servicing team in Hamilton, Furnace Repair Hamilton, and surrounding areas. We have:

Save Up To 30% On Your Energy Usage with B & G Heating Air Conditioning & Ventilation 

Well-maintained heat pumps can be effective at heating your home while consuming less energy to run. We focus on reducing your system’s energy usage by around 30% to make significant differences to your monthly bills. To find out more about our heat pump services or install a new heat pump, contact B & G Heating Air Conditioning & Ventilation today!

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