Our Other Services In Hannon, ON

Our Other Services In Hannon, ON, And Surrounding Areas

Our Other Services In Hannon, ON 

Our Other Services In Hannon, ON | B & G Heating Air Conditioning & Ventilation

Looking for a service that does not fit the heating, cooling, or ventilation category? At B & G Heating Air Conditioning & Ventilation, our certified technicians are here for your indoor air quality, ductwork, energy efficiency, fireplace, ductless services, and planning or design of your HVAC system. We have all of your HVAC needs covered with our other services in Hannon, ON, and surrounding areas.

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Our Other HVAC Services


Your HVAC system can make up a large portion of your energy consumption. At B & G Heating Air Conditioning & Ventilation, we are dedicated to making your HVAC system more energy-efficient. We can install smart thermostats and insulation to reduce your energy consumption and ensure your heating and cooling systems are running efficiently.

Indoor Air Quality

Improving your indoor air quality is integral to your comfort and health. Having inadequate indoor air quality can irritate your respiratory system and cause problems for those with asthma or allergies. We can install and maintain your indoor air quality so your family and guests can breathe easily.

Ductless Systems

Ductless heating and cooling systems have become more prevalent because of their energy-efficient and low maintenance costs. Ductless systems can be installed quickly without ductwork or as a supplement to your furnace. They allow you to divide your home or business into energy-saving zones, giving you control over which zones you heat and cool. We install, maintain, repair, and replace ductless systems.


The ductwork in your home or business distributes air from your heating and cooling system throughout your indoor space. We offer a variety of ductwork services including planning, designing, installing, maintaining, repairing, and replacing ductwork.


A fireplace can add charm to your home and is an inexpensive supplement to your furnace in the winter. Our technicians can install, repair, and maintain your fireplace.

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At B & G Heating Air Conditioning & Ventilation, we offer our other services to the homes and businesses in Hannon, ON, and surrounding areas. We have delivered friendly HVAC service to Ontario families since 1989. Contact us today at (905) 574-8747 to schedule service or to request an estimate.

Our Other Services Includes:

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  1. Thermostats
  2. Smart Thermostats
  3. Smart HVAC Systems
  4. Zoning

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