Debunking the 8 Most Common Myths Around HVAC

The HVAC industry is full of myths. And most of us tend to easily believe them as there are many things we don’t know about our buildings’ HVAC systems. Unfortunately, these outdated and tired misconceptions keep us from making better decisions when it comes to buying new HVAC equipment. You might be surprised to learn that these myths are holding you back from better performance, safety, and comfort. Read on to learn about a few common HVAC myths, how they might affect you, and how we debunk them.

The Bigger the Size of the HVAC, the Better It Is

The right size of an HVAC system is critical to its performance, efficiency and affordability. An undersized system, for instance, can lead to issues such as inadequate heating and cooling. It also leads to the HVAC working harder, which in turn leads to a reduced lifespan. But that doesn’t mean one should buy an oversized HVAC. In fact, installing an oversized HVAC leads to unnecessary electricity consumption that leads to higher energy bills.

The HVAC Air Filter Needs to be Changed Only Once Every Year

This is an outdated myth about HVACs. The frequency of changing an HVAC filter depends on several factors, such as the indoor air quality, the presence of pets in the house, and if anyone in the house has allergies or respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis. The type of HVAC air filter installed in your HVAC is also an essential factor. Fibre glass filters, for instance, need to be replaced more often as compared to HEPA filters.

It's Better to Install a Denser Air Filter

Many people think that it’s best to go for a denser air filter that will provide more protection against the pollutants present in the air. While that does make sense as a filter with higher MERV does offer better protection, it also impedes the airflow, thereby resulting in reduced heating and cooling. You should, therefore, choose a filter that offers an optimal balance between protection and airflow.

Duct Tape is Great for DIY Air Duct Sealing

Duct tape is not a reliable solution for duct leaks. A duct leak can be caused by many things, including a clogged return or supply vent and high humidity levels. The tape can’t prevent these problems from occurring in the first place because duct tape doesn’t stick well to the ducts and has a tendency to peel off. In fact, the word duct tape is a misnomer. A duct tape is more of a standard tape that is used for quick repair of small household items.

There is No Need for an HVAC Tune-up As Long As it's Working Fine

Many people do not get their HVAC serviced because they believe there’s no need for any tune-up until there’s something wrong with the HVAC. And it is because of this misconception that many homeowners end up spending a fortune on HVAC repairs every year. If you, too, have been ignoring the maintenance of your HVAC, we suggest that you call us and schedule an AC tune-up in Binbrook or nearby areas.

Turning Down the Thermostat Temperature Helps Cool the Room Faster

This is one of the most common myths around HVAC systems, and chances are that you might have done it yourself, too. The fact, however, is that a thermostat’s job is to ensure that the system turns on or off when it reaches a set temperature. It does not regulate the amount of heating or cooling. When you lower the temperature on the thermostat, it just makes the HVAC run longer until it reaches the required temperature.

A DIY HVAC Installation is a Great Way to Save Money

Installing an HVAC is not as easy as it seems. It needs expertise, and it also requires one to have the latest tools and equipment to ensure proper installation. Lack of proper installation won’t just cost you money, but it can also compromise your and your family’s safety. The best way out is to call an expert from an AC installation company in Binbrook and nearby areas.

HVAC Equipment is Not as Important as Insulation and Windows

It’s a common myth that heat and air conditioning equipment are less important than insulation and windows. While it is true that HVAC systems do not affect your home’s energy efficiency as much as other building components, they are still an important part of your overall heating and cooling system. You can improve how much you save on energy bills by adding more efficient equipment to your home.

These were some of the most common myths that many people believe. Their belief in these myths often leads to costly repairs. If you, too, believed any of these myths, we hope you have better clarity now. Also, if you need help with AC installation or AC tune-up in Binbrook, then get in touch with us at B & G Heating Air Conditioning & Ventilation. We also offer AC replacement services in Burlington and nearby areas. You can call us at 905-574-8747 or send us an email at [email protected]. Also, you can call us anytime. We are available 24/ 7, 365 days a year.