Here’s Why You Must Not Ignore the Annual Maintenance of Your Commercial Furnace

As a business owner, the last thing you would want to spend your precious time on is a furnace breakdown, so, we are assuming that you already understand how important maintaining your furnace health is. But, do you know that a commercial furnace breakdown not just increases your business downtime, thereby reducing profits? Still, it can also pose some serious health hazards for your employees and your clientele. In case you don’t, read this post to find out why annual commercial furnace maintenance is essential and what to expect from your furnace, heating, and cooling Hamilton.

How critical is annual commercial furnace maintenance?

Before we discuss what to expect when hiring a furnace repair in Hamilton, let us take a quick look at how a defective commercial furnace can prove detrimental to your employee’s health and safety and your clientele.

Carbon monoxide build-up

We know how hazardous breathing carbon monoxide is. Usually, the carbon monoxide build-up occurs because of a dirty furnace or ductwork. The cracks in the heat exchanger’s combustion chamber can also be one reason for the build-up. And since these flaws may not be visible to the naked eye, we recommend hiring a furnace service provider for a thorough inspection.

Low oxygen levels 

Sometimes the fresh air supply into the furnace is not sufficient, thereby causing low oxygen levels. The blockages in the furnace usually cause this.

Soot build-up

One of the main reasons for a furnace clean-up is to avoid soot build-up that can cause a fire. If you see any soot, debris, or rust flakes on the horizontal surfaces near the commercial furnace or in the flue vent connector, it’s a sign that the furnace requires cleaning and servicing. In case of excessive soot-up build-up, you may even have to consider replacing the heat exchanger unit.

What to expect from a commercial furnace tune-up?

When you hire a furnace services company in Hamilton, here are some of the steps their technician must follow:

1. Before the technician performs the furnace maintenance, they must switch off the electrical power to the unit’s fuel supply. Also, it’s a good idea to ask the technician about the switches, their functions, and their location, just in case there is an emergency.

2. Filter clean-up is one of the first steps of furnace maintenance. It helps reduce the strain on the furnace, thereby reducing the monthly heating bills. Also, depending upon the type of furnace filter (pleated, electrostatic, polyester, or others), you need to get your filter serviced/ replaced periodically.

3. Next, the technician would ensure that the thermostat is working correctly. The thermostat’s function is to maintain a comfortable temperature and to help you keep your energy costs down.

4. As mentioned earlier, any obstruction or blockage in the vent, exhaust, or combustion air pipe can lead to fire or impact the proper functioning of your commercial furnace. It is another routine check that the furnace repair services technician must perform without fail.

5. Lastly, the technician should check the furnace for gas leaks. Remember, if you notice any foul smell or odor or come across any damaged or worn-out connections, immediately cut the gas supply and consult a professional.

Looking for a furnace repair service company in Hamilton?

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