Home Heating: The Hamiltonian’s Guide

The temperature in Hamilton can go freezing low in winter, and residents can have a tough time living without a heating system at their place. Similarly, Burlington also becomes very cold in winter. If you are in Burlington and looking for a new heating system to stay warm this winter, call us for furnace installation in Burlington at the best price.

Since you might not be aware of all the options available today, we will discuss all home heating options in this article. So let’s begin.

Types of heating systems

You can choose from various types of heaters, but most of them have some things in common, which you should also know. Not only for knowledge but to get help understanding their use and advantages.

Most heating systems will have at least three key components, which are mentioned below.

1. Source of heat (where the heat generates)
2.Heat distribution medium (from where the heat travels to your rooms)
3.Temperature regulator (commonly known as a thermostat)

Types of heating systems suitable for your home

  • Furnaces
    Furnaces can be commonly seen in most homes in cold regions of Canada, and they come in two types – gas-based and electricity-based furnaces. The former produces heat using a pilot light and a combustion chamber in the heat exchanger, whereas the latter uses heating coils. If your old furnace (10-12 years old) is giving issues, it is advised to go for furnace replacement in Grimsby to prepare for the peak winter season.
  • Boilers
    Boilers run on gas and produce heat by boiling a liquid (water or glycol). This heat is then pumped throughout your home via a web of a piping system, further going to radiators from where the heat is dispersed into your home.
  • Heat Pumps
    Similar to an air conditioner that is made to cool a place, heat pumps that run on electricity provide efficient heating. They have two heat exchanger coils, which are used to circulate refrigerant, which collects warm air from an outside coil. The warm air then travels to the inside coil, providing heat to your rooms.
  • Space Heaters
    Space heaters are compact heating systems, typically made for small-size spaces, such as a room. As they are small in size, they don’t cost much and consume less power than other options. If you are tired of repeated furnace repair in Burlington and live in a small apartment, space heaters can be the best heating system for you.

Let Us Help You

At B & G Heating Air Conditioning & Ventilation, we have experts who can help you compare different heating systems and choose the most suitable one for your home. We also offer furnace maintenance in Binbrook, helping you ensure you don’t stay in the cold this winter. For any query, reach out to us by dialing 905-574-8747.