What Is the Source of The Whirring Problems Stemming from My Furnace?

During the operation of your furnace, you may witness many kinds of noise that either go away eventually or stay throughout the operation. Most of them are just operational noise and shouldn’t call for a furnace repair in Hamilton. However, whirring or humming noises that do not seem to go away or become louder over time can be a point of concern. Such noise is indicative of an issue with your furnace’s blower motor.

A Blower motor is a crucial component of your furnace, and a totaled motor can leave your house cold and unformattable. Since it directs the hot air to flow into your rooms, a fault in the motor not only leaves you uncomfortable but also wastes your energy bills as the heat generated isn’t directed to your rooms.  

Reasons For The Whirring 

Blower motor issues don’t always have to be serious, and sometimes all it requires is adequate lubrication for a noise-free operation. The other times, it may require a bit of extra care. We have listed a few ordinary blower motor-related humming problems and why they might be happening. If you feel confident diagnosing such issues, you undoubtedly can, but we advise extreme caution to avoid damage to you and your furnace. 

Slow Humming 

The Blower motor slows down after warming your house to a specific temperature. This is part of a regular operation and intended to save energy. If the motor slows down and makes a humming sound, too, there might be a problem with its capacitor. Check your electrical supply’s output amperage and your furnace’s panel for the same. If the amperes do not match, your furnace’s capacitors might be working extra hard for a regular operation. 

Other aspects such as clogged filters might also put unnecessary pressure on the motor causing similar problems. 

Humming Even When The Motor isn’t Turning 

Damaged capacitors can also cause such troubles. Again, the issue usually lies in poor-quality capacitors. Consider changing the capacitors, and if you still hear the humming, the problem might lie with dirty filters obstructing airflow. If cleaning the filters also does not solve the issue, call for a quick and easy fix for professional furnace service in Hamilton, from trusted HVAC contractors. 

Humming When The Motor is Off

Incorrect pilot light adjustments are notorious for causing a humming sound even when the motor is not turned on. Adjusting the pilot light of your blower to appropriate levels should solve this issue right away. 

Humming When the Motor is On 

Dirty gas burners can often produce a sound characteristic of a low rumble or a hum. Consider cleaning the burners thoroughly or replacing them to rid your furnace of such an issue. Get in touch with trusted and experienced contractors for a heating replacement in Hamilton, ON, for an affordable and professional replacement. 

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