What Should You Do If You Hear Unusual Noises from Your Heating System?

Some heating systems are known to be noisy. Others run so quietly one can never tell whether there is indeed any HVAC appliance running in the vicinity or not. Whichever heating system you may own, a loud, erratic noise from your furnace or heat pump is not usual and should be looked after by a professional and licensed HVAC technician. 

To help you have a better idea of such issues, we have listed a few reasons for such irregular noise from your heating system 

  1. Fuel ignition issues
  2. Clogged air filter
  3. Loose or leaky ducts
  4. Blower motor issues
  5. Wear and tear in the fan belt  

Common HVAC Noises

Now that you understand the common reason why your heating system might be making a specific noise, you must also know the most common noise that customers have witnessed coming from their heating system. Following is an index of periodic such everyday noises and their probable source.

1. Banging 

A loud banging noise on switching your furnace on can indicate a problem with your furnace’s ignition. Thermostats signal the gas valve to open, and the ignition switch fires up the furnace instantly. If there is a problem with the ignition controller, gas can build up in the combustion chamber, and when there is an ignition, the built-up gas can cause a loud banging noise. 

Another cause of a loud banging noise can be your Duct Work Hamilton. The ducts contract and expand given the continuous stream of heat. Such changes in dimensions can often cause a banging noise. 

2. Whistling 

The whistling sound is often produced by a heating system when there has been a leak or an obstruction in airflow. It could be a blocked air filter, ducts, vents, etc. Such issues do not often need professionals’ help and can be solved by the owner themself. 

3. Rumbling 

When turned on, a furnace makes a roaring sound, or a cycle begins. If it is followed by a rumbling that continues much later into the cycle, you may have an issue with your furnace’s burners. Such noise should never be ignored, and you must call top contractors for heating and cooling Hamilton for immediate service. 

4. Humming 

Humming from a heating system is not always a point of concern unless it presents itself or grows in pitch later into operation. Then, it can suggest a case with the motor, the fan, or nearby components.

5. Clunking 

A clunking or a knocking sound is never usual for a heating system. Such noise usually indicates an issue with the heating system’s fan or the fan belt. A misaligned fan blade or worn-out fan belt can be a prominent culprit. 

6. Hissing 

Hissing or sizzling noise is a common operational noise. If such noise grows over time, you can always contact top contractors of heating replacement in Hamilton, ON. In addition, a replacement for a faulty pipe or valve might fix such an issue. 

7. Scrapping or screeching 

A scraping noise might indicate that something indeed is scraping along the walls of the furnace. For example, a loose fan blade is commonly known to cause noise. 

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