What You Can Do If Your Furnace Does Not Stay Lit

The best part about the winter season is the cosy and warm feeling you feel in your home. Thanks to the warm furnace, your whole house stays warm and comfortable. But what if your furnace does not work efficiently? 

Let’s get a basic idea about the working of the furnace ignition system. When you set the temperature in the thermostat, the draft inducer fan gives fresh air to the furnace. The gas valve transfers gas to the pilot burner, which gets lit by a spark, and the gas valve transfers gas to the main burner, which gets lit by the pilot light. So why does it not work?

The Two Possible Situations For The Furnace Going Out Are As Follows :

1. The pilot flame goes out before burning the main burner
2. The burner goes out before warming your home

We shall discuss these two thoroughly.

The Pilot Flame Goes Out Before Burning The Main Burner.

Some reasons for this situation are:

1. Bad Flame Sensor

If the flame sensor does not work properly, the furnace will not know that the gas is now lit and will continue transferring gas into your home. You can contact a technician for furnace service in Hamilton to fix this problem.

2. Wrong Flame Sensor Position

If the flame sensor is in the wrong position, it will not sense the flame at the pilot.

3. Defective Ignition Board

The ignition board is a small computer responsible for the flow of the gas, the spark, and the overall procedure. If it has a fault, the whole process disrupts.

4. Less Gas Pressure

Gas pressure plays an important role in satisfying the thermocouple. Check the gas valve for adjustments or repairs.

The Burner Goes Out Before Warming Your Home.

Some reasons for this situation are:

1. Overheated Furnace

The furnace will go out before warming the place if it is already overheated. The furnace may overheat due to dirty filters, blocked vents, and blocked airflow. Clean your system or contact a furnace service in Hamilton to do the work for you.

2. Faulty Limit Switch

The limit switch stops the furnace when the temperature in the heat exchanger rises significantly. The furnace will stop working abruptly if the limit switch is faulty.

3. Bad thermostat

The thermostat is the backbone of the whole heating process. If the thermostat has some wiring faults, it will indicate to the furnace that the home is warm now, and the burners will go out.

4. Faulty flame sensor

If you have a direct ignition furnace, the flame sensor may be the culprit. A faulty flame sensor will shut off the gas at the burner if it does not sense a flame. Contact a professional company for furnace installation binbrook for this issue.

You can now sit back and relax and let B & G Heating Air Conditioning & Ventilation fix and repair your furnace at the minimum cost. You can either look for furnace repair in Hamilton or contact us at (905) 574-8747 or email us at [email protected] to book your appointment today!