Why Does My Furnace Keep Blowing Fuses?

If your furnace continues to blow fuses, you must act immediately. If the fuse often trips, there is a fire risk since it indicates an electrical problem. The problem can be temporarily rectified by changing the fuse or resetting the breaker. The fuse will continue to blow unless the underlying cause is addressed. You must identify the root cause to safeguard your family and guarantee that your furnace continues to function normally. 

Furnace maintenance in Binbrook is highly recommended if you haven’t had one this season. It’s essential to regularly tune up your system which will save money over time; however, for people who had a furnace blow a fuse lately before arranging that tune-up, it might be because of one or more additional of the following reasons:

Reasons your furnace keep blowing it’s fuses:

  • Train
    Typically, blown fuses are caused by an electrical short in the system or by an appliance placing too much strain on the fuse. Homeowners must ensure their electrical system is strong enough to support their furnaces because certain furnaces can consume a lot of electricity.
    If the fuse keeps blowing even after the circuit breaker has been reset and a new fuse has been installed, there may be an electrical short in the system that powers the furnace. You should contact a furnace repair Burlington technician in this situation.
  • Loose wires
    Naturally occurring vibrations from a burning furnace might dislodge internal cables. Finding, repairing, or changing loose wiring is challenging to handle on your own. Ensure your furnace unit is routinely inspected and tuned by furnace maintenance Binbrook to help keep your furnace wiring tight.
  • Thermostat wire that isn’t functioning
    A blown fuse may result from the thermostat wire coming into contact with the furnace’s metal frame. A thermostat wire may supply more voltage than it can withstand when it comes into contact with the furnace’s metal frame. As a result, the control board’s fuse will blow, the draught inducer won’t start, and the remaining furnace operations won’t operate as intended.
  • Wrong fuse
    It’s possible that the fuse is blowing because the furnace has improper fuses fitted. The furnace replacement Grimsby experts can diagnose this issue and install the proper size fuse.
  • Over voltage
    A fuse in the system guards against short circuits and overcurrent. The fuse or circuit breaker will blow if the furnace receives excessive current. To avoid harm from overvoltage, this is done.
  • Dirt and dust build-up
    Dust and filth will accumulate on the furnace or HVAC components if you have not serviced your furnace properly. The blower motor will overheat or burn out if dust and dirt get inside it.
    If the furnace hasn’t been maintained, dirt and soot from the furnace may trip the high-limit switch. To prevent overheating, change the air filter. Leaning on the size of your house, you should adjust your air filters every three months to ensure that the furnace is maintained.

Final words

The professionals at B And G Heating & Cooling can help assist if your furnace continues blowing fuses. We provide complete furnace replacement and furnace repair Burlington. Our qualified specialists will swiftly identify the issue, fix it, or recommend the ideal furnace for a replacement.

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