Why Does My Furnaces Smell When You Turn It On?

Winter has arrived, and it is time for you to turn your furnace on after a long break. You may encounter a few glitches when you first switch on the heater after a prolonged period of not using them, which is totally normal. Smelling an odor is one of them. An unfamiliar odor is not always a warning sign of something serious, and more often, it is a case of piled-up dirt, debris, mold, or other blockages. However, if you have cleaned the ducts and pipes and still have a pungent odor filling your room, calling for furnace service in Hamilton is a wise thing to do. 

It would be most if you did not overlook an unpleasant odor as it may indicate the cause or start of a critical problem. We have curated a list of smells that you should be on the lookout for to avoid any damage to your heating appliance. 

Electric part burning and/or metallic smell 

An electrical component burning smell is likely because of a heat buildup inside the furnace. Reasons for the heat buildup can be many, and often cleaning or changing the filters will not solve the problem. If it is the case with your furnace, then examine its internal components such as electrical wires or rubber components that may be damaged, and the heat from the furnace may be worsening the condition further along with the smell. Call for a furnace repair in Hamilton immediately and turn off your appliance. 

Visible smoke from the furnace 

Smoke coming out from your furnace is usually because of blocked air filters and/or vents. A smoke detector will alert you of such an anomaly. Turn off the furnace immediately and call for a trained professional to get your heating appliance fixed. 

Rotten egg smell 

A rotten egg smell is indicative of a gas leak in your heating system. When you turn your furnace on and observe a faint or strong pungent rotten egg-like odor, please turn it off immediately. Contact a furnace repair in Hamilton and have them send over technicians immediately. 

Chemical like smell 

A chemical odor from your HVAC can be very dangerous to your and your family’s health. If you smell a fruity, pickle-like odor, which can possibly be formaldehyde, turn off the furnace immediately and open your doors and windows for adequate ventilation. Such an odor hints toward a broken heat exchanger component. Call for an HVAC service expert immediately to avoid a fire accident or exposure to toxins such as CO. 

Having routine checkups and scheduled maintenance will avoid the possibility of any such incidence and alert you of any abnormality you could not possibly have known. 

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