Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water On The Outside?

It’s common to find a little puddle of water under your air conditioner’s exterior unit. When the system is working overtime in exceptionally hot or humid weather, condensation is more likely. Even so, seeing water near your condenser unit can be alarming, and it’s critical to understand when leaking is normal and when it’s necessary to call an AC service in Hannon. Your system may face various problems if you don’t do routine HVAC maintenance, such as repeated blown AC fuses and frequent water leaks.

If you discover that your unit has any of these issues, the first line of defense should be seeking professional help. They will thoroughly inspect your device to establish the source of the problem and take the required measures to restore your system to working order.

Continue reading to learn why your air conditioner might be leaking:

Blocked drainage line

The drain line’s job is to remove condensate, a liquid that forms naturally during the cooling process. Dirt, algae, mildew, or rust can clog the line and cause leaks. With the help of some chlorine-based bleach or a thin wooden skewer, you might be able to dislodge a small clog yourself. If you’re not sure what you’re doing or have a bigger clog get in touch with an AC repair in Hamilton to handle it.

Temperature too low

It’s far too chilly to run your cooling system when the outside temperature is below 16°C. The air conditioner will likely break down. Your drain pan may overflow, as a result, causing water to leak around your outdoor unit. In this scenario, double-check that your thermostat is set to the proper temperature and that it is placed away from any heat sources.

Leaking Air

One of the most prevalent causes of an air conditioner leaking and dripping water is an air leak. The air entering the air conditioner should travel through the vent for the best performance. A variety of reasons can cause air leakage. The air does not flow freely through the vent. If this does not occur, the air is most likely leaking, resulting in inferior functionality.

Damaged or broken Condensate Pan

The pan that collects condensate from the air conditioner may rust or crack. These fissures are often minute and difficult to detect with the naked eye. For a better visibility, check the pan with a flashlight. Minor cracks can be repaired, but a significantly damaged condensate pan must be replaced.

Incorrect installation

The air conditioning unit could be a major source of water leakage if it is not fitted properly. Ensure that the front component of the air conditioner is cooler than the back part when it is being fitted. The water will be adequately drained and will not leak as a result of this.

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